Update: We came 3rd!

Both Casey and I fell asleep when Stillmotion were announcing the winners of their Big Shorts competition last Thursday night, because of the time difference it didn’t start until 2am! It wasn’t until we had an email on Friday night letting us know that we’d actually won that we were sure. There were just a few comments here and there making us think that we may have come 2nd or 3rd.

We are really happy that we came 3rd and we are looking forward to learning more and continuing to make films. There is another competition on the horizon so we have got our thinking caps on and are looking for a story to tell.

We won some camera goodies that will take our film-making skills one step further. You can read more about the prizes here.

If you haven’t seen our entry ‘disapproving parents’ here it is, followed by the 1st place winner ‘Empty Nest’ & 2nd place ‘That Day…’

I’ll be sharing the Stillmotion feedback on our entry here on the blog when we receive it on Monday. I’m looking forward to hearing what they say.


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