The cheapest way to buy a MacBook Pro

I finally purchased a 15″ Retina Macbook Pro. These retail at £1799 in the Apple Store. After lots of research I found that Amazon sellers are able to offer them at up to 20% off the retail price.

The prices on Amazon appear to be contanstly changing +/- £20 or so, however I managed to bag mine at £1480 which happened to be the lowest I’ve seen. I was surprised it was so cheap for the current (Feb 2013) model.

I’m not exactly sure how these sellers are able to achieve so much discount, but it would appear that the mac I have has an American keyboard layout.

I must say the Retina Display looks absolutely incredible. You can read about them all day long but to use one on a daily basis is really incredible. Type on the internet looks amazingly sharp. Just using normal services like Gmail is incredible. I also downloaded the Adobe Creative Cloud apps and they are all pin sharp and perfect!

Anyway, see links below to the Mac Bargains! I’ve put us and uk links. All prices are correct at point of writing and can be delivered next working day via Express delivery or Amazon Prime. The 13″ is a particularly good deal with a massive 26% saving. Unfortunately the US prices are only around a 6% saving on the RRP from apple. But hey, 6% is 6% right!

15″ Retina MacBook Pro – £1480 // $2629

13″ Retina MacBook Pro – £1107 // $1600


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