Some beautiful footage

Had a very busy and not so relaxing weekend in London. Went to a surprise party for a friends 30th Birthday and filmed the whole thing for the Britain in a Day project. Lots of work to do to get the footage ready for them now though.. Also stumbled across a couple of very nice videos over the weekend. Here they are:

This is some beautiful time lapse footage from the International Space Station (ISS) collected between August and October by astronauts Ron Garan and Satoshi Furukawa. There isn’t much to say about this really. It just looks fantastic and has a brilliant soundtrack to compliment it. I particularly like the flashes of lightning in the clouds as they pass over storms.

The Redneck Hippie by Phillip Bloom is a beautifully shot documentary about a Texan native called Pierce who loves his guns. I’ve never really mentioned Phillip Bloom on here but he is a very well known film maker and an early adopter in the DSLR world. He has recently purchased a RED EPIC and is putting it to good use on stories like this. He also managed to get hold of a Phantom FLEX for those ultra slow motion shots. His write up about the shoot goes in to a lot of detail about both cameras and the problems that he encounters on the way. Definitely worth a read if your in to that sort of thing.

I’m looking for some interesting characters based around the Birmingham area so that I can put together a small documentary about them. If you know someone who is unique send me an email or drop some information in the comments below.

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