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July 26, 2021
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Hi, I'm Rog. I'm a freelance filmmaker based in Birmingham but working (and travelling) all over the UK. I’m in London most weeks. I’ve been doing this for around ten years, but full time and professionally as a freelancer for the last six. 

My passion is telling stories for brands and people in a documentary style. Not all projects allow for this but I work with a talented network of agencies and other freelancers to make product videos pop on social media. Whether the client is catering to an established audience or the traffic is being driven by ads I strive to make people products and interiors stand out.

Recent clients incude Allianz, TikTok, Brooks England and lots more. The work on this site is a curated selection of my favourite and most visually pleasing films & videos rather than a catch-all mashup of every gig I’ve ever completed.

I take care of the whole video production process from ideation/pre-production, filming, video editing and delivery for any platform as required. I’m also happy to work alongside directors, art directors and video production agencies as required. 

I have a love for design & architecture and it’s been a pleasure to work on some high end homes and interiors projects over the last few years. I’ve produced films and videos for architects, interior designers, hotels and audio visual specialists.


No matter what your project, whether you’re a small company or a FTSE 500 conglomerate; if you’d like to discuss telling your story together, reach out and get in touch. I’ll be honest and tell you if it’s not the right fit.

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