RIP Muxtape

Justin from muxtape has written on the muxtape home page his experience of dealing with the RIAA and the record industry giants.

“Around the same time I got a call from the VP of anti-piracy at one of the majors. After I picked up the phone his first words were, “Justin, I just have one question for you: where do I send the summons and complaint?” The conversation picked up from there. There was no summons, it was an intimidation tactic setting the tone for the business development meeting he was proposing, the true reason for the call. Around the same time another one of the big four’s business developers reached out to me, too.

It’s a really interesting read that comes straight from the heart. The great news is that this isn’t the end of muxtape and it will support smaller bands looking for their break. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of muxtape and will be recommending all my friends bands to sign up to it. I’m confident that this will be really, really good!

For now there is Favtape

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