Red Scarlet & Canon C300

Yesterday was a big day for videographers, both RED and Canon announced new products.

There was a lot of speculation around the web that Canon would be launching a 5dMkIII, a new film project or maybe nothing at all. Canon remained silent and I don’t think that anyone expected to see a full on Cinema camera like the C300. Considering Vincent Laforet managed to shoot a short film with and a sizeable crew, it’s amazing that they kept this under wraps until launch day. However the majority of DSLR movie shooters will probably continue using their 5d’s and 7d’s because the C300 holds a hefty $20k price tag.

The RED Scarlet however is a different story, for half the cost the Skarlet is capable of shooting at 4k but I haven’t seen any footage yet. People are saying that when using identical settings it matches up to the EPIC. This is a much more exciting announcement and units will be shipping with Canon lens mounts from the 1st December.

I look forward to seeing some footage from this camera in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile see Mobius shot on the C300 by Vincent Laforet:

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