Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

I was at a friends house last weekend in Norwich. Whenever I go there, he seems to put on a brilliant film that I wouldn’t really think to watch. Last time it was “Sing Street”, this time it was “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”. It’s a coming of age movie with a twist. Greg Gaines is forced by his mother to go and hang out with a girl who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He has no choice but to go along with it and they get off to a bit of an awkward start. He doesn’t want to be there and she doesn’t want him there.

So i’ll admit that I don’t know much (anything) about director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and this is a title that i’d seen around but kinda just thought i’d watch another day. I’m so glad it was forced upon me. The look of this film is incredible, short animations, energetic cinematography, unusual camera angles and humour break up the seriousness of the story and give it a comical edge.

It’s difficult not to compare this film with “The Fault in our Stars” but everything is turned up a notch here. It’s one of the most enjoyable films I’ve seen this year. I look forward to more from this director.

You can get it on Amazon here.

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