How to: download Hotfile or Fileserve files with Speed Download for Mac [Tutorial]

Since Rapidshare confused everyone with their new ‘Rapids’ system, a lot of people have been using Hotfile to share files instead. I moved over to hotfile but was unable to download anything through Speed Download which is my preferred and probably the best download manager for Mac.

Anyway, whilst fiddling around this morning I finally got it to work, this means I can now download my hotfile’s at the same blistering speed as I used to be able to. This is how:


Firstly your going to need Firefox and a free plugin called Flashgot, if you haven’t got them, get them, install them and then move to the next step.

Go to Tools -> Add Ons -> Find Flashgot and click preferences.

Ensure that Speed Download is selected as your download manager.

Next your going to need to login to your hotfile account by going to and pressing login (in Firefox).

Now you are ready to download some hotfiles, browse to the file you would like to download, highlight, right click and press Flashgot link or Flashgot selection. It should automatically send the files to Speed Download and begin downloading them.

If this doesn’t work, ensure that the link your trying to download is still active and hasn’t been removed by hotfile or the uploader. If this is the case and you still can’t download, browse to, click on ‘my account’ and select ‘edit account’.  Ensure under Premium Options the ‘Direct Download’ box is checked.

If you still can’t get this to work, or this is not clear enough, let me know in the comments and i’ll put together a quick video tutorial or something.

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