Great Resources for Filmmakers

I’m constantly on the lookout for resources to help further my career and increase my knowledge. The film industry moves so fast, that you have to learn continually and stay up to date with the latest products, firmware, codecs etc.. This list should help, but it’s certainly not the be all and end all.  If I’ve missed other great sites,  please let me know in the comments and i’ll try to include them.

I try to spend a few spare minutes each day checking and reading up on the internet. I use a few tools to do this.  Firstly Google Reader is a great way to keep up to date with news and blog sites. (You can subscribe to mine here). If your using a Mac there is also the option of Reeder, which is a great, easy to use RSS client that syncs with your Google Reader account. There are also iPad and iPhone apps available, only issue is that you have to buy each app for each platform separately if you own all platforms. If you don’t want to use Reeder there are many alternative cheap and free options.

This post could go on for a while but it’s easiest for me to just separate it in to a couple of different sections.


Since I discovered nofilmschool, i’ve checked it every couple of days, they post great tutorials from talented and knowledgeable writers. They pool together great content from around the web and also have a pretty good community. Joe Marine does a great job of translating very technical jargon into information everyone can understand.

Stillmotion are a Portland based group of filmmakers that started out making wedding films on DSLR cameras. Now they have made feature length documentaries for the NFL, shot commercials for the olympics and still have time to share almost everything that they learn along the way. Most of their tutorials can be found on their blog and Vimeo Channel. Alternatively SMAPP is their iPhone app that has all their tutorials in one place and best of all, it’s free. I’ve learned a lot from them, they have covered everything from simple interview lighting to C300 tutorials.

Philip Bloom is a UK based filmmaker and you have probably already heard of him. He’s best known for his in depth reviews but his blog has bucket-loads of information on it. It’s both a great learning resource and a pretty good place to learn from a man that’s been in the industry for almost 20 years.

The BBC has a great site on filmmaking, it might not be completely up to date, but the fundamentals are in there and there is a lot to be learned from this great resource.

Career Development

I recently discovered the blog of Ryan E Walters, a successful cinematographer also based in Portland. He has some great articles and goes into depth in his tutorials. Notably he has a couple of stand out articles about making it as a freelancer and determining your day rate. I’ve converted his day rate calculator in to UK format here, but it’s best to read the article before you use it.

Mandy is the go to resource for film and video work in your area. There are jobs posted in locations all over the world from indie filmmakers to the BBC. Definitely worth checking on a daily basis.

Twitter is also a great resource that should not be underestimated, if your not on there you should sign up, it’s probably the quickest way to stay up to date with the people you follow from around the web. You can also follow me here.

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