Install Find My iPhone on any iOS Device

I’m really happy that Apple have finally made the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature available to everyone regardless whether they have a mobileme subscription or not.

Last week one of my friends was mugged (robbed)  by three guys and his iPhone was taken, despite blocking the phone with O2 almost immediately the guys managed to bid on an iPhone4 for £505 and taunted myself and a few other friends with HeyTell messages. If only the update could have come a week sooner, he would have been able to give the phones co-ordinates to the Police which could have led them to his attackers and maybe even got him the phone back.

So if you’ve got an iPhone, update it and setup Find My iPhone, it could come in handy one day.

To install and activate this free service:

  1. Download and install iOS 4.2 through iTunes (this will not work without iOS 4.2)
  2. Go to Settings, Mail Contacts, Calendars and press Add Account
  3. Select MobileMe
  4. Enter your AppleID + Password (or sign up for one)
  5. Press next and accept Terms & Conditions
  6. To locate your iPhone, browse to
  7. Now go catch those theives!


Update: Sorry, I didn’t realise that apple made this feature iPhone4 only, however there is a workaround, to get it to work on your 3G and 3GS handsets, you need to login and set it up on a friends iPhone4, iPad or 4th Gen iPod Touch then simply repeat the steps on your 3G/3GS. Bingo.

Update #2: You can only activate 3 accounts per iOS device.

(thanks to Lifehacker for the fix)

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