David M Martin (RSW, RGI) – Fine Artist

Walking through the door of David M Martin’s house is a bit like stepping through a time warp. David is a ninety year old artist living in Eaglesham, Scotland. He’s the most able ninety year old I’ve ever met and, in fact maybe the oldest person I’ve ever met. We had a cup of tea to try and get to know him before setting up for the interview. We were a little nervous, being very cautious not to disturb his world too much.

Colin was our guide and had met David on quite a few occasions before as his work is exhibited in the Purple Gallery. It was a great way in for us and really helped us to build some bridges and get to know him. David made us some tea and within a few minutes he was reeling off some stories of his younger years. We took our time until David said “Well are we going to get on with it?”.

We wanted to start with some footage and an audio recording of David playing his piano, to which he obliged. We used and Zoom H4n to and a Rode NT-1a to record the Piano. I filmed on the Blackmagic Camera whilst Casey took a second angle on a 7D. After about fifteen minutes of filming and recording the piano, David sat in his chair and we commenced work on the interview.

The aim of this interview was to capture a glimpse into the life of David, from his early days in the RAF through to teaching art and becoming a successful artist.

Whilst this video was just a glimpse into his life, I’m hoping to put together a longer edit with some contributions from other people that know him and his work to make a short documentary. David has brushed shoulders with Chagall, visited George Braque’s house and garden and gone AWOL whilst in the RAF. This video just scratches the surface with the stories and footage that we captured.


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