Cheap, Easy Wedding Photo Booth

Some friends of mine recently got married. They wanted to hire a photo booth, however it was quite costly, so they asked me if I could make something. I did a bit of googling and realised that the photos actually looked better if you make your own as you can customize the background and make it more fun. You can also fit more people in for group shots. So we went for more of a photo area rather than a photo booth.


I looked at a few different fabrics for the background however a stripy red one caught my eye and was cheap. I was slightly concerned that it was a bit too ‘U S A’ for the wedding so positioned the stripes vertically although when I edited the photos, it didn’t really matter.


A good tripod is essential, as I already have a bit of camera gear this wasn’t a problem. I’d avoid going for anything too flimsy especially if you aren’t going to man the photo booth. There is a good chance that it might get knocked or accidentally kicked. I went for an old heavy duty Manfrotto however you may wish to go for something a bit cheaper if on a budget.


A remote is also essential. A corded one is best. I used a cheap intervalometer or interval meter to fit my Canon so people could trigger the camera themselves for a kind of selfie! Just make sure you get the right intervelometer for your camera. If you do wish to go for a wireless trigger, the canon one will do the job nicely!


I used a 5d mark II camera which is quite expensive and possibly overkill for this purpose. But any DSLR with a nice lens will probably work. A good value combo that most would have access to would be a Canon 1200d or 60d with the cheap but great, 50mm f/1.8 lens. The low aperture will be good if lighting isn’t too good later into the evening and the lens is quite small and therefore less likely to get fiddled with in a public environment. It also gives a nice depth of field to the images if you want it.


We positioned our photo booth next to a window, so in the daytime, there was no issue with lighting, however after the sun set, I used a clip on lamp to light which gave a nice effect in some of the images.

Fancy Dress Box

The most essential part of the photo booth is the fancy dress box. If you want people to have fun in the booth then give them some stick on moustaches, crazy glasses, cowboy hats and whatever else you can find! At the end of the wedding party we were at, everyone was dressed up at the end in whatever fancy dress they could find.

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