BlackRock iShares

Pitch deck - Sept 22

The Plan.

 Shoot inside/outside renovated warehouse that has various textures and looks we can exploit with space to move in different coloured backgrounds.

The BlackRock employees would be able to walk forwards revealing the set to the audience. A dolly would be in place to track the employees as they move and make the moves repeatable for multiple takes.

Shoot against large canvas frames in neutral and bold Blackrock brand colours to keep on brand.

Potential to shoot in an old bank lockbox room (see right). A visual example of storing vs investing money.

Shoot each piece to camera against two different sets. As sections of the frame move they reveal the other colours but also other sections of footage. If the BlackRock employee is talking about a Sustainable ETF, sections of live footage can show snippets of clean energy - wind turbines, solar to add variety to the clips.

On receipt of the scripts these ideas can be refined to fit the narrative of each ETF.





Proof of concept

Motion Graphics

Multi-screen frames would be handled in post based on footage captured on the shoot days and potentially some stock if we want to include visual references to the ETFs being discussed.

Please note this is a very quick example and the footage wasn't shot with this kind of edit in mind!

Who are we?


Nicholas Reynolds


Multi award winning Reynolds is known on the international stage for his ability to bring out the real charm and character of a performance. This when combined with an exceptionally strong grasp of the post production process, working with effects, 3D and animals live and CGI makes for a formidable skill set.



Roger Shafi


Roger has produced and filmed documentary and commercials for brands across the UK. He has a hands on approach with abilities in post production, motion graphics and 3d animation.


As a team we work with a network of experienced crew around the UK to bring these concepts and images to life.