Source Code Trailer

I was pretty excited about Duncan Jones’ last film Moon. I loved the design of the poster and the trailer intrigued me. I felt compelled to go and see it. When I saw it, I loved it. The Soundtrack with the weary reverb soaked piano built tension giving a constant feeling that Sam Bell wasn’t alone, it was beautifully shot and had a perfect solo performance from Sam Rockwell. If you haven’t seen it, go, now, DO IT!

I just watched the trailer for Duncan Jones’ second feature: Source Code. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a soldier in a military experiment where he takes on the body of another man on a train for the last eight minutes of his life in order to try to stop the train from exploding and prevent another future terrorist attack. Whilst that may sound like another standard action/sci-fi movie a la Deja Vu, because it is directed by Jones it’s definitely worth a look. The soundtrack also got me in the mood, I think that we are in for another Clint Mansell masterpiece.

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