Paul Earl – Silversmith – Sony FS7ii Competition

I haven’t entered any competitions for a while or made any films for myself. So I thought i’d have a go at the Sony FS7ii Competition.

Feel free to give the video a like on YouTube!

Unfortunately I misread the brief and the top ten videos with the most amount of likes will advance to judging stage, so it probably won’t get a look in! I get the reason why they run these as popularity contests, but it just means some really great entries don’t get shortlisted.

Even so I had loads of fun making the film and music over the weekend. It’s so tough to get a decent story in to 60 seconds.

If you want to know anything about the gear/setup, drop a comment below!

Also, here are a couple of my other favourites from YouTube:

Some really good editing on this one. Really really professional.

This one had me smiling a lot. Everyone needs perking up on their daily commute, especially when they live in London!



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