Microadventure #3 – Climbing Snowdon in November

Earlier this year I visited the far east and travelled around Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for three weeks. I used up all of my holiday allocation from my job, so longer trips to other countries were off the cards.

I was thinking about how I’ve travelled thousands of miles to see incredible sights, but haven’t really fully explored whats right under my nose in the UK. Earlier this year I went wild camping in the Lake District and went back to Cornwall for the first time in years.

Last weekend my girlfriend, my friend and I travelled to Snowdon in North Wales to climb the second highest peak in the UK and I made a little video about the adventure.



Workshop Birmingham: The Dual Works

Last week I made this film for Workshop Birmingham. Zoe and Stephen have an awesome studio in the Jewellery Quarter that would make any creative envious.  They can make pretty much anything from a whole array of materials. They were great to work with, check out their video!




Droning around Birmingham

I live in Birmingham and recently got a drone. I’ve just been getting to grips with it… But here are a few photos (click to enlarge).



Workshop Birmingham: Aquajet Profiles // Birmingham Specialist Glass

Here are another couple of short pieces I made about people who make things around Birmingham.

AquaJet Profiles cut “Everything, except for toughened glass” with water supercharged to 60,000psi

Birmingham Specialist Glass make/restore/sell stained glass products.


Microadventure #1 – Cornwall

My friend Curt and I went on a 600 mile round trip to Cornwall for 1 night! We went for a surf, met up with some friends and had a great time!

This is Microadventure #1. Hopefully there will be many more to come.