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This is where I post films I make for fun and write stuff about gear and other things.


A nice collection of pumpkins. vote for yours.

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The Atlas of Hidden Water

A map (pdf) published by new scientist magazine documenting the worlds hidden water supplies. (via bldgblog)

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Stamps by Type Designers

A collection of postage stamps designed by type designers.

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Google Turns Ten

Google have published a timeline for when they started to the current day… check it out…

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Brokers with hands on their faces

I just stumbled on the brokers with hands on their faces blog.       (via subtraction)

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Red Bull Air Race

Some really cool photos of the Red Bull Air Race series, currently taking place in various locations around the world. The pilots have to maneuver their specially adapted prop planes through a series of...

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RIP Muxtape

Justin from muxtape has written on the muxtape home page his experience of dealing with the RIAA and the record industry giants. “Around the same time I got a call from the VP...

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Falmouth Tall Ships 2008

Once every 10 years Falmouth hosts the Tall Ships festival, the towns normal population of around 25,000 trebles as around 75,000 people make the journey down to cornwall to enjoy the festival...

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The Old House and the Sea

Another Interesting article from The New York Times about a 23 bedroom, 103 year old mansion in the Narragansett Bay.    “In 1961, when Mr. Wood bought the house with his ex-wife...

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The Water Cube

A panoramic view from the 10m Diving Board inside the water cube at the beijing olympics. (via kottke)

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