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This is where I post films I make for fun and write stuff about gear and other things.

Youtube Remixes

check out these remixes i just stumbled on…

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I just downloaded Eliss for iPhone and on first touch it’s very addictive and fun to play. I don’t mean it addictive in a tower defense kind of way, addictive in a...

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Catching Up!

 Just had a little catch up on Layer Tennis as I have unfortunately missed both weeks 1 & 2 due to my slightly busy life right now. This post however, isn’t really...

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The Return of Layer Tennis

I’m a little behind as usual.. but last friday layer tennis returned to our screens traveling over 16,000 miles with a special edition. Ten PSD files flew from San Francisco to Singapore in a...

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NYC Subway Calendar

I recently received my heart shaped nyc subway map and year planner from zeroperzero. I stumbled on it from kottke just before christmas and made the purchase (despite the shipping costing more...

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New Year

resolutions include… …listen to more music. make music. expand knowledge. expand everything. grow a little. drink more coffee. move to nyc. take more photographs. buy a globe that lights up. be kind....

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Roadsworth: Trailer

A trailer for a documentary about a stencil artist from Canada.  He was facing thousands of dollars in fines but it seems because the people in toronto liked his art, it was...

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Visual Movie Reviews

The way forward: Visual Movie Reviews via (kottke)

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Letter Cult: Folded Font

Letter cult: Folded Font (via ilovetypography)

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Photoshop: as real as it gets

(link)(via subtraction)

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