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This is where I post films I make for fun and write stuff about gear and other things.

A Busy Start…

Not posted for a few weeks. Had a very busy start to January, looks like its going to continue that way through the coming months as well.. Finally got round to playing...

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Happy New Year!!

I’m feeling pretty fat after christmas and the button on my trousers popped off on my first day back at work. I guess the diet starts here. For christmas I got a...

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How to: download Hotfile or Fileserve files with Speed Download for Mac [Tutorial]

Since Rapidshare confused everyone with their new ‘Rapids’ system, a lot of people have been using Hotfile to share files instead. I moved over to hotfile but was unable to download anything...

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Eat Y’Self Pretty @ HMV Institute

My band Eat Y’Self Pretty are playing at the HMV Institute in Birmingham on the 23rd December supporting Paper Shapes and Venkman. Should be a really good night as most people break...

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TRON: Legacy

I’m very excited about this movie, apparently for Avatar they used 3 cameras for the 3D and that looked pretty crisp. In Tron:Legacy they used up to 10 cameras, I think this...

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Source Code Trailer

I was pretty excited about Duncan Jones’ last film Moon. I loved the design of the poster and the trailer intrigued me. I felt compelled to go and see it. When I...

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Install Find My iPhone on any iOS Device

I’m really happy that Apple have finally made the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature available to everyone regardless whether they have a mobileme subscription or not. Last week one of my friends was...

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Penki: 3D Light Painting

Just got sent this by Marie, they created an iPhone app that allows you to create 3D lightpainting on long exposure photographs, check out the video as it’s pretty difficult to explain....

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I want a weather balloon

Sorry dad, but this kid’s dad is waaayyyy cooler. If only we had this kind of tech when I was a kid. Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

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Sleigh Bells – Riot Rhythm

just found this. i’m into it. Sleigh Bells “Riot Rhythm” from Bo Mirosseni on Vimeo.

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