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This is where I post films I make for fun and write stuff about gear and other things.

This American Life: Petty Tyrant

A friend of mine told me about This American Life back in July/August. I’ve been working through the archive for a short while and I’ve been listening to this story about Steve...

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Address Is Approximate

Spotted this video on the VimeoHD channel last night. It’s a story of a desk toy longing for an escape from the dark office.. It’s a stop motion animation shot using Google...

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Red Scarlet X Footage

Tonaci Tran was the first person to receive a Red Scarlet after it’s launch last week. He has posted a short clip up on Vimeo. There is still a lot more to...

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Some beautiful footage

Had a very busy and not so relaxing weekend in London. Went to a surprise party for a friends 30th Birthday and filmed the whole thing for the Britain in a Day...

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Britain in a day

On July 24th 2010 thousands of people captured footage of their lives and uploaded it to the youtube life in a day channel, Ridley Scott with his team of editors and researchers...

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Red Scarlet & Canon C300

Yesterday was a big day for videographers, both RED and Canon announced new products. There was a lot of speculation around the web that Canon would be launching a 5dMkIII, a new...

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Highbury Studio

Last night, myself and Steve from our band were lucky enough to get a look in at Highbury Studio just round the corner from where we live in Birmingham. Our drummer first...

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Decided to tweak the design of the blog a little to give me a kick in to posting a bit more often. This year has been busy, my sister and I are...

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I went to the cinema on Sunday night to see Drive, the latest film by Nicolas Winding Refn starring Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver....

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A Journey to Morocco: Part 1

I’ve been meaning to post this for nearly a year now but because it’s unfinished and I haven’t had the time to finish it in the detail that I would like, i’ve...

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