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This is where I post films I make for fun and write stuff about gear and other things.

David M Martin (RSW, RGI) – Fine Artist

Walking through the door of David M Martin’s house is a bit like stepping through a time warp. David is a ninety year old artist living in Eaglesham, Scotland. He’s the most...

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Best External Hard Drive for Video Editing?

Update: After blowing nearly £1500 on a new Retina MacBook Pro, I decided to go for the USB 3, 1TB Lacie Rugged as it was the cheaper option. I’ve had it for...

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Great Resources for Filmmakers

I’m constantly on the lookout for resources to help further my career and increase my knowledge. The film industry moves so fast, that you have to learn continually and stay up to...

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DIY China Balls for Under £20

There are many ways to light a scene. Whether it is a simple one person interview, a music video on set or a shooting a scene outdoors. There are also many factors...

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New Look, New Website, New Career

My website has changed a few times over the years but never as much as this. I’ve always done a bit of blogging, mostly about film, photography, the internet etc… However, now...

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Update: We came 3rd!

Both Casey and I fell asleep when Stillmotion were announcing the winners of their Big Shorts competition last Thursday night, because of the time difference it didn’t start until 2am! It wasn’t...

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Big Shorts – Disapproving Parents

Casey & I have been entering a few competitions just lately to spur on our creativity, help us to continue to learn and possibly win some amazing prizes along the way. The...

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Film4 Scene Stealers

Casey & I recently decided to enter the film4 scene stealers competition with our film ‘Gingerbread’. The scene we chose to steal was the most obvious one from 127hours where his arm...

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This American Life: Petty Tyrant

A friend of mine told me about This American Life back in July/August. I’ve been working through the archive for a short while and I’ve been listening to this story about Steve...

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Address Is Approximate

Spotted this video on the VimeoHD channel last night. It’s a story of a desk toy longing for an escape from the dark office.. It’s a stop motion animation shot using Google...

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