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This is where I post films I make for fun and write stuff about gear and other things.

Paul Earl – Silversmith

I recently entered this film in to a competition to win a Sony FS7ii camera. Unfortunately it didn’t make the grade, but I really enjoyed filming it and making the soundtrack. Paul is...

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Microadventure #3 – Climbing Snowdon in November

Earlier this year I visited the far east and travelled around Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for three weeks. I used up all of my holiday allocation from my job, so longer trips...

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Workshop Birmingham: The Dual Works

Last week I made this film for Workshop Birmingham. Zoe and Stephen have an awesome studio in the Jewellery Quarter that would make any creative envious.  They can make pretty much anything from...

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Droning around Birmingham

I live in Birmingham and recently got a drone. I’ve just been getting to grips with it… But here are a few photos (click to enlarge).  

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Microadventure #1 – Cornwall

My friend Curt and I went on a 600 mile round trip to Cornwall for 1 night! We went for a surf, met up with some friends and had a great time!...

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Workshop Birmingham: Charlotte Hughes Martin

I was recently approached by Workshop Birmingham to produce a series of 90 second films about people who make things. The first one is a profile of an amazing glass worker called...

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Made my Sisters Dog a Montage

Had my sisters dog for the weekend and decided to make him a little montage. All dogs should have a montage.

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Holidaying with the Sony RX10ii

I’m going to put together a review of the Sony RX10ii, but in the meantime here is a holiday video I made with it. I may have gotten a little carried away...

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Sony RX10ii & Memory Cards – SDXC vs SDHC

Today I took delivery of my Sony RX10ii. If you haven’t heard about this camera it looks to be a great all rounder delivering 1080p slow motion up to 960fps in 2...

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Save Mac Screenshots as JPEG’s

For ages I’ve been taking screencaps and they automatically save as .tiff files. Some apps/uploads don’t like .tiff files so I usually end up bringing them in to Photoshop and saving them...

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