Falmouth Tall Ships 2008

Once every 10 years Falmouth hosts the Tall Ships festival, the towns normal population of around 25,000 trebles as around 75,000 people make the journey down to cornwall to enjoy the festival and see the tall ships race.

Friday has a fireworks display as the town goes in to party mode to get ready for the race. The ships undock at 1pm Saturday, parade round the Falmouth bay and race at 5pm.

So far we haven’t seen the busy crowds that were here a decade ago but we’re thinking that the busiest days will be friday and saturday.

There are some really good photos of the tall ships and festivities on flickr.

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Taunton on flickr.

Update: I heard that all the hotels in Falmouth were sold out, but someone just told me that they have rooms. Email me for details.

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