Save Mac Screenshots as JPEG’s

For ages I’ve been taking screencaps and they automatically save as .tiff files. Some apps/uploads don’t like .tiff files so I usually end up bringing them in to Photoshop and saving them for web which is a pain and way more time consuming than it needs to be.

So after some googling this is how I fixed it.

Open a terminal window by pressing the apple key and spacebar and typing ‘terminal’. Then paste the line below.

defaults write type jpg

Once you have done this, paste this line to make the changes take effect.

killall SystemUIServer

Now press Apple + Shift + 4 to grab a portion of the screen and watch it save as a jpeg!

You’re welcome :)



Valentines Day

Been very busy just lately which is why i’ve been so lame on the blog front. However, I found some time to make this for my girlfriend as a valentines present. Unfortunately i’ve now set the standard for this and she’s expecting something better for her birthday.

Anyway, here’s the video.


A Busy Start…

Not posted for a few weeks. Had a very busy start to January, looks like its going to continue that way through the coming months as well.. Finally got round to playing with some new toys last night though. I purchased a cheapo version of a Canon TC80-N3 which in human, is a timelapse delay timer for Canon DSLR cameras. I just pointed it out of the busy window of my flat during rush hour and hoped for the best…

Didn’t come out too badly for a first attempt. See for yourself: