Junction Works, Digbeth, Birmingham

Close to where I work in Digbeth, there is a building called Junction Works. It sits on the Grand Union Canal just off Fazeley St. It looks like an old industrial building, however i’m not sure what it was ever used for.

As long as I’ve known it, it’s always been empty.  I know there used to be a boxing club there at one point. The front of the building has recently been half heartedly renovated. It’s got a brand new roof on it, and in the second room there is a beautifully renovated double glazed glass roof that lets natural light pour in.



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This website seems to move with my life serving as a log of different phases. I went freelance last year and was offered my old job back for quite a bit more money, so I sold out. As my life and job changed back, so has the blog.




Decided to tweak the design of the blog a little to give me a kick in to posting a bit more often. This year has been busy, my sister and I are currently preparing for the launch of The Print Rack which is quite a handful when you have to contend with a day job as well. I’ll be writing about that and the different problems we have run in to along the way as well as posting some of the video work i’ve done lately and maybe also a gear review and tutorial for something or other here or there.

I’ve also integrated disqus as a neater way to handle comments, so join the conversation below!