Paul Earl – Silversmith – Sony FS7ii Competition

I haven’t entered any competitions for a while or made any films for myself. So I thought i’d have a go at the Sony FS7ii Competition.

Feel free to give the video a like on YouTube!

Unfortunately I misread the brief and the top ten videos with the most amount of likes will advance to judging stage, so it probably won’t get a look in! I get the reason why they run these as popularity contests, but it just means some really great entries don’t get shortlisted.

Even so I had loads of fun making the film and music over the weekend. It’s so tough to get a decent story in to 60 seconds.

If you want to know anything about the gear/setup, drop a comment below!

Also, here are a couple of my other favourites from YouTube:

Some really good editing on this one. Really really professional.

This one had me smiling a lot. Everyone needs perking up on their daily commute, especially when they live in London!



Highbury Studio

Last night, myself and Steve from our band were lucky enough to get a look in at Highbury Studio just round the corner from where we live in Birmingham. Our drummer first heard about it, and word of mouth seems to be the only way anyone finds out about it. Stepping through the doors of the old cricket bat factory is like stepping back to the 1980’s. The decor is something that can’t be copied or styled, it’s just matured over the time it has been there.

The studio used to be owned by UB40 producer Bob Lamb but was brought by Birmingham music scene legend John Mostyn just over a year ago. It seems they don’t have any wild aspirations to change things, which is what keeps this place so nice. Most of the equipment is original so the recordings sound warm and full of character.

I only snapped a few pics but we will most likely be going back there to rehearse and maybe record so I’ll be sure to take a wider angle lens to capture this beautiful space.


Eat Y’Self Pretty @ HMV Institute

My band Eat Y’Self Pretty are playing at the HMV Institute in Birmingham on the 23rd December supporting Paper Shapes and Venkman. Should be a really good night as most people break up from work on that day. See below for a little music taster. If you would like a ticket please email with your address details, tickets are £5 advance and £6 on the door.

See the facebook fan page for the event below:


A Busy Week…

I’ve never written anything about my band before. But this week has been really busy, we have spent about 10 hours recording and played a great gig last night supporting Tellison and Kytes. Someone took a couple of videos and I took a few photo’s in the studio, so I thought I would post them here.

Enjoy :)