How to Block the Daily Mail website so you never have to look at it.

I hate it when I accidentally end up on The Daily Mail website. It offends my eyes and thoughts.

I’ve been meaning to block it for a while now. You can too with this guide…

This is how to block on OS X by editing the hosts file, you can do the same thing on windows very easily if you have admin rights.

We are going to edit the hosts file to do this. First you will need to open a terminal window.

Press command+space to do a spotlight search. Type Terminal and press enter.

Once at the terminal type:

sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

You will be asked to enter your password, type it and press enter.

You will then be prompted with the following screen which is your hosts file.

Use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate to a new line and type the following as above:

This will redirect any requests to back to your your localhost (

Next press

control + X



to save changes and Enter to write the files.

The changes might not take effect straight away as you may have to flush your DNS cache. To do this type the following at the terminal prompt.

sudo discoveryutil udnsflushcaches

The flush dns command varies in different versions of OS X so you may have to do a quick google for your version.

Then browse to and hopefully it won’t work!

Any problems, let me know in the comments.


A quick RAW fix for Adobe Lightroom and the Panasonic LX100 in OS X

UPDATE: Adobe just released an update for Lightroom with full LX100 support so this post is obsolete! Get the latest version through your Creative Cloud app.
It may still be useful if you can't update.

So the Panasonic Lumix LX100 doesn’t have any Adobe Lightroom support yet. Fortunately there is a workaround though that I spotted on the EOSHD Forums.

Basically you change the EXIF data to trick Lightroom in to thinking you have a Panasonic GX7 which is supported and has the same sensor as the LX100.

First you need to download and install EXIFTOOL from this link, it may seem a little scary but is fine!

Then pull up ‘Terminal’ from the Utilities folder (or spotlight search it).

Browse to your folder containing your RAW LX100 files by using the cd command:

cd your/folder/path/to

Once in the folder type:

exiftool -model=”DMC-GX7″ *.RW2

After a few seconds, they should all be compatible with Lightroom 5.

Any questions, let me know in the comments below.


Cheap, Easy Wedding Photo Booth

Some friends of mine recently got married. They wanted to hire a photo booth, however it was quite costly, so they asked me if I could make something. I did a bit of googling and realised that the photos actually looked better if you make your own as you can customize the background and make it more fun. You can also fit more people in for group shots. So we went for more of a photo area rather than a photo booth.



Great Resources for Filmmakers

I’m constantly on the lookout for resources to help further my career and increase my knowledge. The film industry moves so fast, that you have to learn continually and stay up to date with the latest products, firmware, codecs etc.. This list should help, but it’s certainly not the be all and end all.  If I’ve missed other great sites,  please let me know in the comments and i’ll try to include them.



DIY China Balls for Under £20

There are many ways to light a scene. Whether it is a simple one person interview, a music video on set or a shooting a scene outdoors. There are also many factors to take in to account such as lens speed, natural light and the number of lights/ budget available to you.

At the moment I am planning the lighting for some live music sessions, they will be set in a warehouse with no power, so all power will come from generators outside. I want 6-8 china balls providing soft light from above the talent, it doesn’t matter if they are visible in shot because I feel they will contribute to the look and feel of the video. I want the videos to have a slight raw edge to them, they are shot and recorded in a warehouse after all. Each china ball will be home-made as the quality doesn’t need to be perfect and they aren’t going to be moving around. They are simply made up of a 16-30″ china lanterns, simple plug in lamp-holders and 40-50 watt  Fluorescent Bulbs. Each bulb will output between 150 – 200 watts of equivalent tungsten power. Which is great considering we could be running off a generator!

You can see basic results in the video. It’s a nice wrap around soft light source. Once i’ve got access to the space I’ll post more videos with the final results.

You can get the parts off Amazon at the links below, just slot them together.

Round Chinese Lantern – £6.99
UK Plug with Inline Switch and Lamp Holder – £5.14
40-50w Bulb – £6.99
Total Cost – £19.12