Penki: 3D Light Painting

Just got sent this by Marie, they created an iPhone app that allows you to create 3D lightpainting on long exposure photographs, check out the video as it’s pretty difficult to explain.

I’ve done a bit of very basic light-painting before, but never anything this cool. Can’t wait to try this out, photo’s/videos to follow.

You can check out the full article here and their vimeo page lives here :)


Links for 06/01 – 13/01

Right, its a new year so i’m going to write lots of useful things on here. I promise this time.

So to get the ball rolling here are my links from round the web over the last 7 days.

Christopher Niemanns weather predictions for 2010 courtesy of the New York Times – Niemann doesn’t post all that often but his posts are always of a high quality. I recommend subscribing to the feed.

Some pretty cool hacked billboards, these aren’t done with photoshop, they are actually printed and pasted over the billboard.

Some things that you never think of could be designed with a little more thought to make everyone’s life easier. One of them is boarding passes. I’d like to see something like this used, but judging by this article, there’s probably not much chance of it happening.

This site from the icanhaz network is pure gold. Say no more.

Oh, and by the way. Happy New Year!!


Catching Up!

 Just had a little catch up on Layer Tennis as I have unfortunately missed both weeks 1 & 2 due to my slightly busy life right now. This post however, isn’t really about that.

As always, I had a little look at the website of either competitor to gather a little bit of information to make the match more enjoyable. It was really nice to see that Jeffrey Kalmikoff had written on his blog his reasoning behind each layer even though he apparently lost. I’ve never seen anyone go through each post in as much detail as this.

Also, I’m not really sure how he lost, in my opinion his layers were far wittier than Brendans.

Maybe it was for slating flash?