Microadventure #1 – Cornwall

My friend Curt and I went on a 600 mile round trip to Cornwall for 1 night! We went for a surf, met up with some friends and had a great time!

This is Microadventure #1. Hopefully there will be many more to come.


Junction Works, Digbeth, Birmingham

Close to where I work in Digbeth, there is a building called Junction Works. It sits on the Grand Union Canal just off Fazeley St. It looks like an old industrial building, however i’m not sure what it was ever used for.

As long as I’ve known it, it’s always been empty.  I know there used to be a boxing club there at one point. The front of the building has recently been half heartedly renovated. It’s got a brand new roof on it, and in the second room there is a beautifully renovated double glazed glass roof that lets natural light pour in.



David M Martin (RSW, RGI) – Fine Artist

Walking through the door of David M Martin’s house is a bit like stepping through a time warp. David is a ninety year old artist living in Eaglesham, Scotland. He’s the most able ninety year old I’ve ever met and, in fact maybe the oldest person I’ve ever met. We had a cup of tea to try and get to know him before setting up for the interview. We were a little nervous, being very cautious not to disturb his world too much.



Britain in a day

On July 24th 2010 thousands of people captured footage of their lives and uploaded it to the youtube life in a day channel, Ridley Scott with his team of editors and researchers scoured the footage and made it in to Life in a Day. I saw the film not so long ago and was pretty gutted that I didn’t upload any footage. At the time I had the intention of submitting footage but my day just seemed too boring to film. The only thing I did film was me brushing my teeth.

However, they are doing it again this Saturday (12th November) for Britain in a Day. So i’ll be sure to film as much as I can! I’ll be travelling from Birmingham to London and going out there, so hopefully i’ll have some good stuff to film. If your thinking about taking part no matter how boring you think your day is, you should film it and submit it anyway.

If your feeling double adventurous why not do Global Video Day which is the same principal only on 11.11.11. Check them both out below.