David M Martin (RSW, RGI) – Fine Artist

Walking through the door of David M Martin’s house is a bit like stepping through a time warp. David is a ninety year old artist living in Eaglesham, Scotland. He’s the most able ninety year old I’ve ever met and, in fact maybe the oldest person I’ve ever met. We had a cup of tea to try and get to know him before setting up for the interview. We were a little nervous, being very cautious not to disturb his world too much.



Film4 Scene Stealers

Casey & I recently decided to enter the film4 scene stealers competition with our film ‘Gingerbread’. The scene we chose to steal was the most obvious one from 127hours where his arm gets trapped, only we added a little twist (if you can do that in just over a minute). We did it using stopmotion by making clay models of gingerbread men. See below for our entry and Casey has kindly posted a quick making of with some behind the scenes photos etc.. Enjoy :)


Address Is Approximate

Spotted this video on the VimeoHD channel last night. It’s a story of a desk toy longing for an escape from the dark office.. It’s a stop motion animation shot using Google Street View, and some office furniture. I had to watch it a couple of times to take in some of the details. The way the lights in the tunnels sync with the desk lights circling overhead is a particularly nice touch.